Monday , April 19 2021

Querellan on the abduction and the threat of mock simulation at Linares Bank

It was on November 29 when 10 people in white costumes and masks, the cleanest "Paper House" style, Entered by the BancoEstado de Linares branch frightening officials who were mock attack.

With firearms and death threats Bank employees were held for more than an hour assuming that everything was true, because no one informed them that it was a mock attack.

"They did not inform the bank from the bank that they would be drill they thought that everything was right and they threatened their death, with feet and brutal therapy. Two officials asked us for advice and we filed a complaint against those who are responsible for abduction and threats, "said a lawyer. Hugo Veloso.

Former Mayor of Maul added that "from the bank they blame Carabineros, from Carabineros to the bank, but nobody wants to include two officials who have psychiatric treatment and post-traumatic stress not wanting to return to the bank. "

Claudia SepĂșlveda is one of the complainants and is related to the anger that "they hit me, I was put on the road and was in danger of death. I do not know why they kept us for a long time, without informing me, I'm very poor, and no one gave us an explanation. "

Also among tears Lorena Trejos He said they had "a lot of tweaks that frightened me and I blocked myself in the bathroom, How can I see and see that my colleague was at death with two people With my hands on my back wearing a white and wearable mask, I think that this can not happen. "

Carabiner version

Carabineros de Linares acknowledged it after surgery, Several bank officials expressed concern about the lack of knowledge of the drill and they informed us that the necessary coordination had been carried out.

"Upon requesting appropriate authority with this unit of banking and upon coordination with its agents, they had to report on the implementation of this activity and report to the managers and employees of that company, sending the day and hour in which it was decided to simulate, "said in a statement.

The note adds that "the team of our authority warned municipal authorities and services about the implementation of this action, even to the media, to bring knowledge and simulation into the outer front ".

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