Tuesday , October 26 2021

"Pure Merit": Senator Guillier is ironic with Carlos Larraín's son in Mineduc


Senator Alejandro Guillier questioned the appointment of the former president, Carlos Larraín, as the new head of Mineduc's General Education Department.

And the fact that Raimundo Larraín Hurtado was appointed to the post of Minister Marcel Cubillos was then removed on 10 January by José Palma Vega.

The 31-year-old had arrived at the ministry with Gerardo Varela, who appointed him as head of the pre-school secretary's headquarters and later upgraded to the head of the ministry headquarters.

According to El Mostrador, the departure of Palma Vega caused discomfort among Secretary of State officials, who criticized the lack of experience and academic qualifications of Larraín Hurtado and that his appointment points to his proximity to Varela.

Faced with this, the former presidential candidate said that Larraín Hurtado was named in 2012. "I do not think that this has affected the son of former President Carlos Larraín. He is not a Cubillos Minister of Merit?"

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