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Prosecutor confirms that Carabineros has been released on Catrillanca "several times"

From now on at 09:00, at the Colipell Warranty Court, official hearings on four occasions of a carabiner began, in connection with the death of Camilo Catrillanca, Member of the Mapuche community.

After a break at the hearing, the parties read a research folder, which also includes arguments, including La Araucanía Public Prosecutor's Office used to request detention in the form.

From the preconditions made by 24 Hor and La Tercer, it is confirmed that the officers Carlos Alarcón and Raúl Ávila "Unscrew several times against the tractor and its occupants"referring to a vehicle in which he had Catrillanca and a minor aged 15 years or older.

It is detailed in detail that both police officers were used "His M4 guns are equipped with ammunition at 5.56 millimeters without any conditions or actions that justify it."

According to the persecuted, this allowed the community member "Received a balistatic influence in the rear left-frontier region, which caused a complicated open-head injury" which led him to death.

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The prosecutor's office also finds that it was Carlos Alarcón, who shot a bullet which ended with the life of Catrillanca, despite the fact that the officials claimed they had committed their weapons in a "deterrent way".

The declarations submitted by the institution are also labeled as "erroneous" and explain that "There were no shots on Carabineros that motivated this action."

The investigation adds that Raúl Ávila was the one who had a GoPro camera recording an event whose memory card was destroyed, which corresponds to "A funny and obvious fact for all his patrol members".

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Prosecutor Cristián Paredes stated that two carabinees will be officially executed in a simple murderous crime in the case of Camilo Catrillanca, a simple murder and frustrated aggression against the 15-year-old who accompanied him. Police Patrick Seppevedu and Braulio Valensuel were also responsible for the violation of justice.

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