Friday , October 22 2021

Pop, electronic, rock: a new thing for your artists


Music is everywhere, but not on all sides choose the best of the last days to include it in your playlist. This is what we care about ac.

We started with two regional music rapporteurs, Pedro Aznar and Manuel Garca, who come together in a new proposal: Embrace the Brothers. Although all the work can be heard from March, we already know that some of the authors cover: Violeta Parra, Los Bunkers, Atahualpa Yupanqui and Gustavo Cerati. Now we leave you the first single of the album: Song for tomorrow.

With a radical change of list focus, it is necessary to refer to Grimes. A Canadian, genre specialist with electronic music resources introduced our assessment. Interesting about the release, in addition to the new material offer on the artist, is that it comes in two versions: his, and the other with Hana and BloodPop. This piece is part of the fifth Grimes album to be released this year. Not the last thing you hear about him in 2019.

After the electronic wave Calvin Harris. The famous DJ presented Giant, a topic in which he joined the British RagnBone Man. it also retains a strong aesthetic concept in your video. Look at the end of the note.

Among the pop suggestions it highlights DJ Gesaffelstein and The Weekend fire. The new material is a song for their followers, characterized by a style with which they have gained recognition and which they do not seem interested in getting rid of. Nobody demands them; On the contrary, it is appreciated. Listen to the new AC.

We closed the news with the latest Dua Lipa: Swan Song. It is strange to find someone who does not start to pop artists over the next few years. His career is not only vertigine, but also exciting for the future: all personality and courage, on stage and in study. It appears in your work, and that's why it's every time it is presented or goes to topics like mouth.

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