Thursday , April 22 2021

Piñer's instructions will not have any more aircraft presence at the FACh ceremony. | Country

Because of the issues that President Pignera has said about the high price Changing the control of the Chilean air force (FACh), which took place on November 5th, there will no longer be massive aircraft presence in the ceremonies.

According to Air Force data, the total cost of the ceremony was $ 438 million, of which USD 382 million The 72 airplanes that took part in the event were spent on mobilization.

In this regard, the FACh Chief Commander, Arturo Merino Núñez, confirmed that there will be no more aircraft presence at the next commander's shifts or at other ceremonies of the institution.

That's after Piñer's Guidance for Merino, which dictates one day after the latter took over the leadership of the air defense agency.

"Previously, we made command changes and some other ceremonies with the presence of massive airplanes, there is a new instruction, and that is what needs to be done," said FACh chief executive officer.

Merino's statements were made at a time when he took part in the defense secretary's website, Juan Francisco Galli, operating at the Plenerillo Air Force Base in Mendoza, Argentina, where they came to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Lieutenant-General Dagoberto Gaud, the then-Chilean Army, who first crossed the Andes Mountain Range with the highest part.

For example, Mr Galli also referred to the tight situation of the air force, noting the government's issue "It's over!".

That, according to a detailed defense institution, according to instructions given by Sebastien Piener to him about the austerity context in which this country is located, who must establish all the institutions of these attributes.

"All the celebrations of the armed forces must be formulated in the light of the strictest instructions given by the President of the Republic," Galli emphasized, adding that "the problem here is that it was believed that the air was unfair".

This Thursday's ceremony at the Trans-Andean Air Force Base marked the centenary of the Chilean airman Dagobert Godoy's maneuver, which was hitherto noted. aviation is the most risky from both countries.

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