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Pato Rubio scored the first goal with a blue

At the University of Chile, they are thinking of this Sunday's game against Curicó, believing they are playing their last chance to enter the Copa Libertadores group.

Although they are dependent on the Concepción University, which is playing against Colo Colo Monumental, in the trench, the bullanguer wants to do everything to attract a direct quota for the competition.

In this regard, the insurance ticket (at least up to the previous stage) for the international tournament expanded the gaming landscape that Azul Azul planned for 2019, where they plan to invest more than $ 3 million in new birds.

Although there is a large list of titles, there is one that even gave yourself a luxury to visit the Blue Sports Center.

All because of many surprises, after completing the first team training under the trainer's Frank Dario Kudelka team, Patricio Rubio went to the municipality of La Cisterna.

Several fans were aware that Everton's attacker had hitherto retired, giving away autographs and photographing at the CDA's gate, but not giving out any announcements.

Although Rubio's name is in the potential fixture folder, his arrival has not yet been signed.

What did he do instead? Although he was accompanied by his representatives, Sergio Gioino and Pablo Lecler, who also drove a car from the Bluster Training Center, the striker devoted himself to watching football, given that he played playoffs in the blue Sub 15 O'Higgins (won the Rancagua 4- 1).

In this regard, the player visited hours before the match played at the La Cistern Stadium, where U19 Palestinians received Everton, where he was also his teammate Camilo Rodriguez.

On behalf of Blue Blue, it confirmed that it has an approach, but nothing is specific, as they will first see the restoration issue before they begin buying reinforcements next season.

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