Tuesday , October 26 2021

Onemi Announces Red Alert Temuco, Because Forest Fire Affects Cerro Ñielol – Country


Onemi proclaims Red Alert Temuco, because the forest fire affects Cerro Ñielol

According to the body, the flames so far consume 0.7 hectares of vegetation to be approved.

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This Friday night National Emergency Office (Onemi) announced a red alert Temuco Due to the forest fire it is registered in the Cerro nature monument Olielol hill.

According to the agency, flames consume "an area that needs to be approved by 0.7 hectares in the Temuco commune in the national park of the same name." It should be noted that the fire is developing rapidly and is threatening critical infrastructure. industry. "

Against this background, it was pointed out that "Araucanía Region Planning, based on the technical information provided by Conaf and the regional management of Onemi, states that: Red alert Temuco commune for a forest fire that is in effect today and until the fire conditions justify it. "

"The Red Alert will mobilize all the necessary and available resources, in addition to what has already been used by Conaf, the Fire Brigade and the National Civil Protection System, thus acting to control the situation.

Fire and Conaf staff work on-site to control the spread of fire.

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