Monday , March 1 2021

Obesity-related stigma contributes to weight gain


Various stigmatists who are suffering from obesity Awareness of society and feeling of loneliness favor weight gain, said today Flavia Robles, a patient who has managed to overcome this disease.

"One of the main problems is that the patient has a tendency to deny his obesity and reduce the problem, besides, people do not see it as a disease and blame those who suffer from it to fulfill this condition", explains Novo Nordisk International Examiner.


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Robles, who, after her pregnancy, was overweight of 30 kilos, said that Patients with this condition are misunderstood not only in their immediate circle, but also by doctors who are not susceptible to the disease.

"Education for healthcare staff is an indispensable part of the work that an obese person feels that he has doctor's attention without trial and that he or she uses a more neutral language to help patients better treat" claimed the doctor Veronica Vázquez.

Salvador Zubiran (INNCMSZ), a nurse responsible for the drug and medical science obesity clinic at the National Institute of Nutrition and Medicine, said this was due to the fact that the patient was considered guilty.

"Contrary to what is happening with other diseases, such as cancer, for example, where a patient is considered a soldier trying to stop the condition, the victim is always stigmatized in the event of obesity," he claimed.

He explained that the problem is that it is a chronic illness and therefore it is not cured, therefore The patient with obesity has never been discharged.

In addition, Flavia Robles noted that in this disease, in contrast to others who are chronically and incurable, the patient usually experiences loneliness.

"Many times you can not lose weight, you think the magic formula is to close your mouth and physical activity, and people see that we are not losing weight, leaving us, you are alone in this fight," the patient pointed out

In the same way, showed that physical appearance is often disadvantageous to find a good job or to share a couple of lives.

"It discriminates at all levels and in all aspects of life," Robles said.

Moreover, he added: Lack of human empathy can lead to patients who are not helping to solve this problem.

He also said that stigma is affected because of the lack of information in the search for patients to seek treatment options, according to Dr. Vázquez's statement is comprehensive and includes the family as well.

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