Tuesday , September 27 2022

Nintendo will eliminate the new Super Smash Bros Ultimate racist animation


Image: Nintendo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate It will hit the stores on December 7th. In its first direction, the character of Game & Watch is viewed using racist references with local Americans. Nintendo has announced it will remove these images from the game and apologize to the fans, saying that the cartoon does not reflect the company's value.

The fanatics of the rallies battle last Thursday after Nintendo Direct was dedicated to the game, saw the animation of the new attack on the live Treehouse show. Mr. The Game & Watch black silhouette contains a torch and shows your teeth while the hair appears on the head of the head. It is a respect for the 1982 game Fire attack, in which players help cowboy defend their fort so that Indian Americans do not burn it. The fact is that this cartoon triggered complaints in several game forums, such as ResetEra and its subreddit.

Screenshot: Super Smash Bros Ultimate (YouTube)

Nintendo agreed that it was offensive representation. In your notices (after the discovery Eurogamer) the company said:

"Nintendo plans to distribute the update Super Smash Bros Ultimate which removes the pen from Mr. Game & Watch silhouette. The original game, based on this description of the character, was started more than three weeks ago, and at the moment it does not meet the values ​​of our company. We sincerely apologize for not having disclosed this information in our marketing materials. We will continue to work to achieve this Super Smash Bros Ultimate Be a nice and fun experience for everyone. "

The company did not explain why they decided to add a cartoon Smash Bros Ultimate at the beginning. The character of Mr Game & Watch was not the previous games of these movements Smash, and Nintendo had removed it from the Fire Attack when the game was diverted to Game Boy Advance in 2002 as part of Game and Watch Gallery 4. In this version, local gangs were replaced by gangsters.

The sensitivity of racism to local American representation is being sought. This year, the Baseball League announced that Chief Wahoo's pill-outs of Chival Wald's Indian cat will be released in 2019 (although they are still visible in many team products and elsewhere).

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