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Nicolas Jarry once again became a victim of Leonardo Mayer in the first round of Australian launch


Nicolás Jarry he wasn't even in front of Leonardo Mayer. Like last year's premiere, Chile's 45th place in ATP dropped to Argentina (53rd) for the first Australian opening round, the first season's Grand Slam.

The room in the first country fought for 3 hours and 12 minutes, and despite the fact that after the third set dominated, revenge was taken away after the particles were signed 6-7 (4), 6-7 (3), 6-4, and 3-6.

The representative of Creole could almost never find the answer to the hard and strong South African service. In fact, Yacaré was a tower before the grandson of Jaime Fillol.

The first manga was a couple and although the "prince" retained a couple break points In the fourth game, both values ​​retained their service until they were all defined by sudden death. Those struggling with Correntino differed from their hard service, unlike the game – 7-4.

In the second chapter "Nico", a break was created in fourth place the game, but 2016 Davis Cup Champion He saves everything with his ministry. Then the two arrested to deal with the new one tie breakwhere trasandino was perfect.

In the third sleeve the action continued steadily, but criollo finally managed to stop his opponent in the ninth gameand then partially closed after Argentina's long reverse, causing. , a large number of Chileans arriving at the Melbourne Park Court 15who tirelessly supported his people with the classic "ceacheí".

However, in the fourth episode, Jarry accused him of fatigue, lowered his level, and lifted an unauthorized counter until he left the service on the eighteenth day. the gameso Mayer could fix everything with his layer from below.

Prince will be the second chance in the current Australian Open edition when playing double box together with Argentine Máximo González.

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