Thursday , April 22 2021

Never before had Jupiter's images seen in the NASA scientists' surprise

These are the first promising Juno probe aircraft.

The NASA Juno spacecraft is becoming a very promising probe. It just sent pictures of distant Jupiter with precision.

Juno left Earth to collect data from this planet in 2011, and is part of NASA's New Frontier Space Program. On July 5, 2016, it reached the orbit of the planet and since then, before a return, a 5 year earth mission has been launched.

The purpose of this machine is to explore the atmosphere of the planet, its origin, structure and evolution in the solar system, apparently helping to understand its creation. In this system, NASA has released an incredible video that you can see on the cover.

The decorating cycle, which, unfortunately, was only 6 seconds, was released on Tuesday and shows the close-ups collected by the JunoCam image generator. Only aesthetics? Of course not.

Researchers want them to explore Jupiter's unique circular impulses of cyclones and high-altitude storms, and they are really valuable images. They also use JunoCam to explore the Great Red Spot structure, and this is the largest Jupiter anti-chip flutter (high pressure).

A few weeks ago, a group of researchers from Chilean researchers discovered the largest Supertierra near our Solar System. Check out the entry here.

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