Sunday , April 11 2021

Netflix revealed that earnings for The Punisher will be noted in January

Netflix reveals that The Punisher is being returned in JanuaryFor a few seconds there was enough advertisement video Netflix EU to see that 2019 will begin with the upcoming second season of the series Punisher. But these may be the last good news for Frank Castle.

Just a year ago, an official account Wonder on Twitter confirmed that we will be in the second season Punisherbut did not provide any further details, and only had some leaks on the possible cast and characters that would be there, at least it indicates that Netflix was working on this program. However, despite the above, the removal of the rest of the series, based on the Marvel Universe, was badly brought to the brutal nature.

The picture does not appear to be promising at this time Punisher and Jessica jones, a series that survived a catapult marvel on a small screen that did not survive Daredevil, Iron fist and Hatch Cageand in which he felt the power of the streaming service, Disney announced in early November, but which of course had already been in the mind for a long time. With that in mind, it's almost a fact that Frank Castle and Jessica end in the end of their season with their audience. This would mean the end of the Alliance between Marvel Television and Netflix, companies that will see from now on how to get the best out of this separation.

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