Thursday , March 30 2023

Neimar to Barcelona: Catalan Strategy to Sign It, and His Mind for Catalonia | Spain


Neymar is offered at Barcelona. Catalonia smiles with the possibility that Brazil returns to Camp Nou. He does not mind how he went to France, because – finally – he went to play Ligue 1, not Real Madrid or another strong European team that offended the catalonists in the Champions League. In this sense, while Ney sketches a smile when asked about a possible return, Barcelona he also does not renounce his intention to sign him.

Until recently, return Neymar for Catalonia, though now seems to have an open door ahead of Scratch. Club Sports Director Pep Segura has given two interviews in recent days, in which he does not dispute this possibility. "If we believe that, in spite of the insult he has done to us, he must have him, that will be for him," said Segura La Vanguardija.

The main factor that takes into account Barça is the desire Neymar return to camp nou The institution knows this. Both the offices and the dressing room, both in both places, have a good bias. The question is that Barcelona would have paid 222 million, which was paid for a clause, which, as a result of the negotiations, would not be a return, although Barge does not complain about the investments made in recent years.

Meanwhile, dad Neymar Follow your He does not have big European clubs every season for his son. He did it when he was Barcelona and continued the same tactic immediately after landing in Paris. Neymar Last summer he offered himself to Barcelona, ​​and now he has done it again to go to the French League. Father always performs the same movement, offers his son to the highest bidder and to raise prices. Will he come back to Catalonia?

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