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Navarra registers 3400 new cases of cancer per year; January 31, 2019 | Society

In the Autonomous Community, lung cancer is the leading cause of premature death (75 years of age) in both men and women.

Navarra registers approximately 3400 new cases of cancer every year, of which 59% for men with an average age of 68 years and 41% for women are on average 66 years.

Member of the Regional Government Health Council at a press conference Fernando Domínguez, has submitted these data during World Cancer Day on 4 February.

Thus, he pointed out that in the Autonomous Community lung cancer It is the first cause of premature death (75 years ago) for both men and women, and in 2017 Navarra dies of 1,586 people, 61% of whom were men.

He also noted that cancer in Navarra is 341 cases (men) and 208 (women) per 100,000 inhabitants, the numbers are similar to. , Spanish State.

He also reported that the number of cancer cases diagnosed in recent decades has steadily increased.

"The average number of annual cases registered between 2008 and 2013 is 29% higher than the number of cases recorded between 1988 and 2002," he said, which was higher for women, estimated at 31%. amount.

Early detection has proven to be a "useful tool"

Beyond this growth, demographic changes have emerged that are caused by aging populations and risk factors such as exposure to multiple carcinogens, tobacco use, alcohol, lack of exercise and obesity.

He noted that men had the highest prostate cancer (20%), followed by colorectal cancer (18%). Women were most diagnosed with breast (28%), colon and rectum (13%).

However, as decrease in premature mortality up to breast cancer since the late 1990s, women have halved, by 54%.

Head of the Epidemiology and Health Prevention Service (ISLPN) of the Navarra Institute for Public Health and Labor, Nieves Ascuncehas explained that early detection has proved to be a "useful tool" for controlling some types of cancer.

He pointed out that between 2018 and 2019. T Early detection of breast and colorectal cancer in the second case, there are 116 000 women and 439 more young people with a risk history, and 188 429 people.

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