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Mourinho prolongs doubts about Alexis situation in United

The Alexis Sánchez's marginalization In the Champions League main duel, he again struck England. The attacker was not even promising 1-0 win against Young Boys. And José Mourinho raised doubts about the presence of Chile in his explanations.

"No, Sanchez is not hurt. It was a technical decision"was the only thing he said in a press conference after qualifying in round 16. After the press, the trainer was upset.

"It's ridiculous that you always talk about those who are not taking part (…) You say that I left out great words, yes, I leave a lot of words. But I played with other guys, and it was a good thing for me that everyone who was on the field for 90 minutes or 15 minutes gave all the dose. And I'm happy with this attitude, "he added.

After two friendly games in the red Chile game, Alexis immediately returned to Europe to join Mourinho's workout. At the weekend, played 22 minutes against Crystal Palace.

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