Sunday , February 28 2021

Motorola One gets an Android 9.0 foot ahead of any other smartphone in Mexico

Three months have passed since the official version of Android Pie, the ninth version of Google's mobile operating system, and, finally, Motorola is beginning to show signs of life. Motorola One has begun receiving Android in Mexico, and it becomes the first smartphone company with this operating system version in the country.

Motorola Unit One, which we used for our in-depth analysis, received an update notification announcing Android At Arrival, as well as a security patch that corresponds to November.

Motorola One Android Beyond Mexico

The innovations coming to Motorola One with the new software are already known: better energy management and hence greater autonomy, overall performance improvement, navigation with gestures, the new Digital Wellbeing feature, and more.

With that, Motorola One becomes the first Motorola smartphone that receives Android Pie, with a list of other devices that are waiting. More interesting Motorola One is the first terminal with official release in Mexico with Android Pie, which is still above the Huawei Mate 20 and Mate 20 Pro, on Thursday, November 15, begins its journey on the national market.

Motorola recalls that the update process in Mexico will take weeks, and it is expected that the global process will end this month.

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