Tuesday , October 26 2021

Mobile companies are talking about the "historic" fall in mobile access charge rates Technology


This Friday, the government officially reduction of dial-up chargesby reducing telecoms companies by 80%.

The announcement was made by President Sebastián Piñera, who explained that it would be from 8.7 pesos per minute to 1.8 pesos per minute in collections; with a validity of 5 years.

This is a measure that will have a significant impact on the prepaid and fixed telephony segment; it will allow users to pay less by calling between mobile phones and one attached to another mobile phone.

It should be noted that the access fee is the price that companies have to pay each time a user terminates a call on another network that is not their own.

The first thing we need to be clear about is what Subtel said BioBioChilethis new rate mainly gives prepayment, which today accounts for 53% of the mobile subscriber fleet.

In these calls from prepaid users to other company customers, Subtel rated it They will be 20% cheaper.

The agency explained that in 43% of the plans, the business model is different. Conversely, conversations from the landline to the mobile phone will be reduced by 50%.

Therefore, companies are expected to make adjustments to their plans and launch more competitive offers, so BioBioChile We contacted the companies to find out their position on the statement.

George Dolgikh | Pexels (CCO)
George Dolgikh | Pexels (CCO)

No Claro They explained that the reduction in access charges announced today is in line with "Claro's technical analysis and proposal".

"In this respect, it is very good news not only for companies that are challenging the market every day, but also for the millions of mobile phone users in the country, which, thanks to increased competitiveness, this reduction will benefit," they added.

The case is different Entelfrom where they stated that by the date "it is not announced that it does not know the details and exact scope of its activities".

"In response to the public information provided by the institution, Entel expresses the desire to apply the new rate as soon as possible, realizing that it will bring significant benefits to those calling from the landline to the mobile phone," they added.

"However, the above and, according to the media, it would not be possible, given that two market players (VTR and WOM) would not be available to apply now," they said.

"As soon as we have all the information in the decree and its support report, we can express our opinion on the rationality and legal and technical basis of the administrative acts," the company concluded.

Exactly WOMone of the companies referred to by Entel rated "Subtel's decision to lower access fees for the next 5 years in the country, as, in addition to re-affirming our initial proposal and promoting the development of services in an efficient and competitive market, it will lead to greater and better competition in a market that benefits for all mobile phone users in the country. ”

As for technology, they noted Subtel's decision to "maintain a 4G as a technically fit network to offer an effective business model that allows us to design access fees over five years".

VTRFor his part, he praised "this categorical authority signal on the right line to prevent the distortion of the mobile market and to encourage greater competition between players".

"We are convinced that efficient and zero-cost access is beneficial for lower-cost users as it allows a more competitive market. We believe that this is the right way to continue the field alignment," he said.

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