Sunday , April 11 2021

Migration Pact: Piña thanks Frei for the support that led to the rejection of his party in the State

Following the support of the former president Eduardo Frei government decision to deduct from UN Migration Pact, which led to the rejection of opposition sectors, the president Sebastian Piner He thanked for the exmandatario.

Piñera said that he appreciated Frei's support, who "He understands very well the responsibilities of the president, and in this regard we must not make a mistake. The Marrakesh Pact encourages illegal immigration and reduces national sovereignty. "

In the Frei party, Christian Democrats, parliamentary leader Matías Walkers, and Raúl Soto, Member and Senator Francisco Huenchumilla, criticized the position of the former ruling post.

As quoted by La Tercera, Walkers asserted that Frei "is his point of view," which as opposed to the party's institutional position expressed in Parliament's draft resolution. In addition, he said that "the declaration of our former Chancellors is to invite the government to review its decision and to briefly include the Global Pact on Migration, arranged and regularly."

In turn, Raúl Soto, deputy chairman, said that "there would be a lot of sight to see Frei and do not forget the temptations of ultra good populism. "

He also differed from DC and Frei's position, arguing that the party "is today an opposition and he is a government" since the former president is currently the ambassador to a special mission in the Asia-Pacific region.

"I think that you should choose, we can not continue to perceive such uncertainty. It greatly damages the game "added Soto.

Meanwhile, Senator Huenchumilla was as heavy as saying "I would have expected a little more precaution from the former president."

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