Thursday , February 25 2021

Meet the classic computer, a miniature computer with 30 MS-DOS games

We know that the current video industry tends to release small versions of the previous generation console, as was the case with NES Classic, SNES Classic, Neo-Geo Mini and PlayStation Classic, but what do you think of the mini version of the computer

Incredibly, as it sounds, it's exactly what the company announced about Unit-e PC Classic as you can see, the presentation video is a small device with a design that simulates a computer cabinet a couple of decades to give a direct blow to the nostalgia of many players (through TheNextWeb).

PC Classic will include 30 classic MS-DOS games pre-installed and, although this list has not yet been revealed in the video, we can see Doom in action. In addition, it is said that it will have a digital store that will allow you to get additional titles.

This mini-computer will have two USB ports and will be compatible with controls and with a classic keyboard and mouse combination.

PC Classic

Although it seems to me that all of this can turn out to be a very arrogant joke, the fact is that Unit-e will ensure that at the beginning of this year they will begin with a promotion campaign to create the intended PC Classic in its final version at a price of USD 99.

What do you think?

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