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Mayer removes Jarry again


In a few minutes Christian Garín will play against David Goffin in Melbourne. All details about "Tank" duel will be on!

AS Chronicle explaining how it is Nicolás Jarry inside Australia.

Victory Leo Mayer 7-6 (4), 7-6 (3), 4-6. And 6-3 3 hours12 from the game. Chile is farewell to the first year of the Grand Slam.

3-6 | It was finished! Leonardo Mayer liquidated Nico Jarry in Australia!


3-4 | Mayer continuously in this kit. Jarry will have to do it again to attract the result.

3-3 | Nicolás Jarry swept in the sixth game and put all the same.

2-3 | Mayer He won his third free turn and commanded.

2-2 | Jarry saves two breaks and continues fighting!

1-2 | No doubt Mayer Get a new game for you. Jarry With his return he has started to earn more points, but he still does not have enough.

1-1 | Jarry has not slowed down and it stays in the game.

0-1 | Leo Mayer He does not lose focus and starts with the fourth.

6-4 | NICOLAS JARRY !!!!!!! Chile closed the third with its service and expanded its definition to a partial quarter.

5-4 | BANKRUPTCY JARRY !!!!!!! Chile stops Mayer's service for the first time playing and will make a set.

4-4 | Jarry He saved an awkward moment to attract the result.

3-4 | Mayer He faced a trick, but he put forward the task and the team in the third set.

3-3 | The perfect sixth Jarry game that remains in the game.

2-3 | Leo Mayer It doesn't get rid of it. A great game to keep the pressure down.

2-2 | Jarry it stays playing with a new service game.

1-2 | Zero wins Mayer his second serves partial. Jarry doesn't show good body language.

1-1 | After a slight delay in removing the cover, Jarry even result

0-1 | Leo Mayer got the first third game. Argentina controls the game and score.

6-7 | THE COMPANY. Argentina is back in second. He won Tie Break 7-3.

6-6 (3-6) | Mayer Take both serve Jarry and remove the kit.

6-6 (3-4) | They continue to work with services. No minibar.

6-6 (3-2) | Jarry is back again.

6-6 (1-2) | Both maintained their services.

6-6 | New tie break in court 15!

6-5 | Nico Jarry provides a tie break if necessary in the second sleeve.

5-5 | Mayer He's not intimidated by Chilean fans. Just gave a point to smooth out the score.

5-4 | Jarry He takes the ninth game forward and returns when he tries to stop for the second set.

4-3 | OK good Nicolás Jarry who is his service and prefers a new break.

Eleventh Ace Nicolás Jarry the game. Mayer is seven.

3-3 | Nicolás Jarry He wasn't able to play this sixth game. Mayer smoothed all over again …

3-2 | Jarry Easily removes the fifth game. Mayer service.

2-2 | Jarry He had the first chance to stop working, but Mayer He saved him. Parity continues to the Court 15.

2-1 | Jarry keeps a delicate situation in the third game. He encountered a break point but came out gracefully. Proceed to the second set.

1-1 | Mayer Equate actions at the beginning of the second set.

1-0 | Jarry Forget the outcome of the first set and start winning the second set.

6-7 | THE COMPANY. Argentina stays with the first set. Mayer played better Tie Break where he won with 7-4. Jarry has to go back from now on.

6-6 (3-6) | Mayer is a triple setting point.

6-6 (3-4) | Mayer Get a minibus that can be the key.

6-6 (2-3) | Mayer recover benefits.

6-6 (2-1) | Jarry he wins his two serving and going forward.

Another Nico Jarry ace!

6-6 (0-1) | Mayer Winner Part.

6-6 | Nulli Jarry got his chance. The first set will be Tie Break!

5-6 | Leo Mayer Those Break are insured if necessary. Jarry will now be used to move to fast tracking.

Mayer make the first mistake with the service: double error 15-15.

5-5 | Nicolás Jarry again and put pressure on Mayer who will serve the eleventh game.

The first double fault Jarry on the kit

4-5 | Mayer wins his service and forces Jarry to keep your sequel complete.

4-4 | Nicolás Jarry Never drop or compare the marker.

Jarry The eighth game starts with ace. It's the third game for him.

3-4 | Mayer does not give advantages and continues. Jarry shoot with new bombs.

3-3 | Jarry Align things again.

Jarry's second ace!

Interesting, Jarry so far is a better score for the second service.

Mayer He has five eyes and 71% efficiency with his first service. About Jarry The Argentine service has been very difficult to return.

2-3 | Two successive Aces give a new game Mayer it happens before.

Jarry he wins his first point with a return of eight lost threads.

2-2 | With suffering Jarry manages to take the game forward. Chile has maintained a break point.

Jarry's first ace arrives in fourth game!

1-2 | Impossible Leonardo Mayer with service. Argentina already has three aces for him. First shock break.

1-1 | Quickly flattens Nico Jarry. Good Chile service with service.

0-1 | His first game in Argentina wins easily. It will serve Jarry after a short side shift.

Start the game! The service starts Leonardo Mayer.

21:11 | Offers a large number of Chile Jarry 15 in Melbourne Park.

21:07 | Players are already in court! In short, Nicolás Jarry is measured Leonardo Mayer.

Just 30 minutes from Jarry's debut in Melbourne! Nico will be the first Chilean competition. Next he will play Christian Garín ahead David Goffin.

To win tonight Nicolás Jarry will reach its first triumph in the first Grand Slam main drawing of the year. That way, there is simply a lack of victory for Roland Garros to succeed in the four big tournaments.

The winner of this game will be judged in the second round between the winner of the game Fabio Fognini (13) and Jaume Munar (79)

Just one hour left for the start of the game! Nicolás Jarry and Leonardo Mayer They will face Melbourne Park Court 15.

Leonardo Mayer reached the quarter finals of Auckland ATP 250 where he fell Tennys Sandgren. So he comes to Melbourne.

Mayer has twice met Nicolás Jarry with 1-1 records. Following the opening of Argentina in the opening of Australia, Chile took revenge on the tournament in Estoril, Portugal, where he won 3-6, 7-6, 6-4.

Jarry will meet the same opponent again and in the same case later. In the first game of Australian opening in 2018, Leonardo Mayer won Nico in three groups – partly 6-2, 7-6 and 6-3.

Welcome to the story of Nicolas Jarry against Leonardo Mayer in the first round of Australian launch live and live online this Monday, January 15th from Melbourne, and that you can follow AS.

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