Saturday , July 24 2021

Maura River was a great musician in Roja, but her husband Mark González didn't see him | TV and show

Maura Rivera once again showed her art Red tonight Dance appeared in the musical together with 25 other dancers on stage. While the exhibition was stable, the artist wasn't all he wanted because her husband Mark González didn't see him.

At first, they pointed out that a football player would arrive at the TVN to see his wife in action, but that didn't happen as they wanted.

It was Maura himself, who apparently surprised the head of Álvaro Escobar Mark came to see his presentation.

"Poor, the whole show was lost", said Rivera, who is a little uncomfortable about the situation.

However, the artist added that in fact her husband missed to go to TVN, but in the end this chapter was not shown.

Today, Maura Rivera is a talent in the dance room with her colleague Yamna Lobos.

Mark González, on the other hand, plays Magallanes, the first B club of the National Tournament, and is a commentator on the CDF channel.

It should be noted that 25 dancers who participated in the music are part of the Power Peralta Academy.

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