Thursday , March 4 2021

Martin Palermo: "Calling on Colo Colo should do the same thing they did with me" Sports

Following his departure from Unión Española, Argentine coach Martin Palermo is in Chile, waiting to continue his career in national football.

Former Boca Juniors striker was dismissed from Hispanics after tie to Everton and his post It was taken by Red Sports Manager Fernando Díaz. Palermo's conversation with the newspaper El Mercurio said he had always noticed that Diaz wanted to remove him from office.

"His intention to want to drive was always notorious, about the desire to take my place. The relationship became zero and the direct dialogue was lost. I continued to focus on the university. The players knew about my situation, "said former Hispanics trainer.

In addition, Palermo acknowledges that he realized that he would continue to act in Santa Laur when Hispanic President Santiago Perdiguero met with Fernando Diaz and Jorge Segovia. "There was a meeting in Ecuador, where it was planned in 2019, and I did not have the opportunity. It was a feeling that was not part of Unión Española's future. "

The possibility of taking Colo Colo Bank Palermo did not want to rely mainly on the likelihood of the Tapia situation in the popular box. "This should be a great deal for me because there is a current technician. The call to Colo Colo should do the same thing they did with me. "

Currently, Palermo will continue in Chile to see the opportunities for continuing football next season.

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