Saturday , April 1 2023

Marisela Santibáñez's statement on Jaime Guzmán after the dispute over Gabriel Boric's shirt


The PRO Member issued a firm statement Marisela Santibáñez,. Review 31 Clothing celebrationAnnual meeting organized by the Communist Party.

Support for a Member Gabriel Boric After a controversy about the shirt she received with the image of Jaime Guzmán, a MEP attacked the founder of UDI.

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"I'm not interested in his shirt talking with Jaime Guzman, because if I were as radical as I say, the dog is dead. And forgive me those who believe it is not, but the dog is dead., said Santibáñez, a microphone announcement that made applause in the audience.

"That's why I say it, and I say it with confidence", for example, on Sunday, January 13th.

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The dispute

Following the new interview with Borik 2017 José Antonio Kast, in which he received a controversial gift, there were a number of criticisms of the law, including a colorful protest, in which the parliamentarians in the industry hanged up a questionable photo of their time.

"Your facts refute your apology," was a phrase on the floor-mounted posters.

Borika later responded to his days, although his representative, from the Autonomous Movement, Stephanie Peñaloza, After sharing criticism of the MEP's response to the shirt that was taken to the guild.

"The UDI has taken more than 30 years to transform the dictatorship into a violation of human rights. There is a radical difference. Moreover, UDI is a party to the dictatorship in Chile. that the right comes to teach us how to apologize, I think it's a little ironiche maintained.

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