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Luis Nunci is a refugee in the murder case – National football


© Agencia UNO Luis Nunci is a refugee for a murder case

The former Catholic University accused the assailant of an attack that ended with one injured and one dead person. TVN

July 7, 2011

A retired footballer a year after his release after serving his sentence Luis Núñez returns to the main character of the problems with the court. In this case, ex UC is accused of being an aggressor for a fact completed with the injured and the deceased.

As detailed ThirdThe person who survived after being shot on his leg, identified his attackers, one of whom was a former assailant, and was therefore requested to arrest Núñez.


"The surviving victim would have recognized the accused as competing gang members, a recognition that was also verified by two witnesses," says an arrest warrant that was available the same morning.

"The order is still and is waiting. It was released on October 11, so Luis Nunci is considered to be a refugee. ", said sources of research Third.

Although a former football lawyer at the Catholic University said, "Luis is no longer living in Santiago, so I think that nobody has contacted him, I doubt he knows that he is looking for him."

It would be a tournament if a short tournament was played

It would be a tournament if a short tournament was played