Monday , April 19 2021

Luis Medel and Alan González reminded former members

Luis Medel and Alan González They met again on Thursday, December 13th, after the day they were seized. Before going to a commercial break, the participants expressed a brief respect for the two former competitors Pasapalabra.

Both participants took out masks with their faces Daniel Araya, who earned more than $ 170 million, and Eduardo Peñailillor who won the hearts of the viewers with his humility and compassion.

The unpredictable recognition of these two Roscoe legends was expressed by Julian and public opinion, which congratulated the authors of the initiative.

Before "Music Trail", the participants returned to pay tribute, but this time Javier Ríos and Claudia Contreras. After this test, it was a turning point to remember Egor Montecinos and Martín Valenzuela. In this case, Alan González took the opportunity to remember that there is still money to collect Raffle Aunt Lucia.

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