Monday , April 19 2021

Luis Medel and Alan González are attracted to the Pasapalabra Rosso

This new chapter Pasapalabra in which the participants are faced with each other 52 million pesos, Luis Medel linked to Alan González, surprising our animators and audiences in the studio. Both participants closed rosco in time by becoming 18 hits and 2 errors. Therefore, they compete in the next chapter on a The super-accumulated rosco is 54 million.

Owner of Sabrland, was spent Jordi Castell and Carla Ochoa. As long as "rook tratadors" and the captain of the orange team, accompanied him Carla Ballero and Gonzalo Egas.

It should be noted that Alan González he went back to The best leagues due to an error in the section where it was removed. For this reason, the program has decided to update it.

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