Sunday , April 11 2021

Lichnovsky Blue Cross is associated with a visit to America and is deceived to break the curse

Cruz Azul He seems to be persecuted because he was the last Mexican football champion in 1997. Even five members behind this title, especially one they lost their incredible loss in 2013, are talking about a "cruise shark" in Mexico every time there is a "wrinkle" in the final cases. But now, in the Aperture of 2018, they have a new opportunity they took that muf and took a big step after winning the first time in the Aztec tournament against America.

After a great presentation of the Mexican Apertura game in repeated phases The team of Chilean defender Igor Lichnovsky, who was a starter and had all the games, "visited" the Aztec Stadium to meet Ergli, and took a picture of the game. Despite the expectations of the meeting, the teams were far from the meeting and The final was a little and there was nothing to highlight.

Now that it was not hurt in the first leg, At the second stage, on the next Sunday, December 16th, at Aztec Stadium, everything should be set, starting at noon. 9.30 am In the case of tie, the goal of the visit will not be counted, and everything must be determined in the extension, and later, if it matches the equality, the soda.

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