Thursday , April 22 2021

Learn about Annie's Story – Vochito, which 48 years later updated VW for free (VIDEO)

The American woman "Vocho" was taken to Volkswagen's Puebla plant in 1967

Being a collector or restorer is one of the most engaging activities in the automotive world, as there is a special relationship between the owner and his cars. However, there are people who, without planning, create a lifelong connection with their car and are harder to find. This is Kathleen Brooks and her "Vochito", which she bought in 1966.

The 73-year-old American has lived a lot of things, it's definitely, but her red beetle with Annie's nickname has stayed with her. The result is a car with an engine of over 563 thousand kilometers, and, given the company's commitment, Volkswagen decided to give up the gesture.

Thank you for years with your Vocho, Volkswagen North America decided to provide a complete and free Annie restoration in the factory specifications. The Beetle 67 was delivered to the Puebla factory, where final expenses are being built before the end of the model.

"I have often said that she and I are very similar, because she is old, changed in color, tired, smudged, rust, but you know what's going on," said Brooks, 48-year-old owner of Beetle Volkswagen. "And as long as I take care of her, as much as possible, she will continue to work."

Volchwagen invested 11 months and 60 employees. After all, 357 pieces were restored and about 40 percent replaced. The goal was not to create a piece of the museum to detect electrical problems, rust and add some better parts such as disc brakes, new radios, improved suspension, rebuilt engine and padding.

Vocho now has a white surface luggage carrier and tires, and it returns to California, USA.

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