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Large fire at the Central Station

At present, the fire affects the property located in the alley of Ecuador and Constantinople, in the central station's commune.

According to the first information, it would be property, empanadas factory and adjacent site. Currently, it is reported that there is no miserable fatal victim but there is a wounded firefighter.

At this moment, various companies operate in this area to avoid the spread of fire. Due to the advance, the second and third fire alarms were announced. The smoke column can be seen from various municipalities in the metropolitan area.

It is advisable to make alternative routes for drivers.

All the drivers that cross # Central Station, due to a fire, there is a traffic bypass in Ecuador / Toro and Con Con / Alameda. # MásCercaDeTi

– Carabineros de Chile (@ Carabdechile) November 30, 2018

⚠ Firefighting service fire in Ecuador / Constantine #EstCentral
Of Ecuador's transit Toro Mazote has been diverted.
Of Concón Traffic Deficiency Alameda.

– UOCT_RM (@UOCT_RM) November 30, 2018


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