Tuesday , January 25 2022

Lady Gaga receives the best actress award in the selection of critics among tears


Lady Gaga can't hide the excitement of last night's Critics & # 39; Choice Award, which highlights some of the most popular movies last year, as well as their actors and directors.

And one of the most award-winning nights was the singer, known for songs like "Bad Romance" and "Born in this way", which debuted cinema as co-author of Bradley's "Nace una estrella" film.

During the ceremony, Steffani Germanotta – her real name – received a prize for the best actress who associates with Glenn Close, and was also awarded the "wife".

When she was named, the artist tore tears and flourished on the pedestal when she spoke emotionally, highlighting her colleague Cooper, who not only led the film but also shared a leading role with her.

"Bradley, you are a magical filmmaker and just as magical man, I have never had experience with a director or actor, as I did with you, and I brought it to my heart forever." You are the love of my life and the man behind it. camera, and you created the trust with the team with the team and cast, ”he said.

Gaga also received a prize for the best song about the song "Shallow", which is part of the film's sound.

"Tonight I want to dedicate this award to all the people who have suffered from alcoholism and addiction or who have seen their beloved suffering, I just wanted to show the truth and the dynamics of this heart breaking, it's a real star. It's not me, it's courage and perseverance," he concluded.

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