Tuesday , March 21 2023

Lack of Education: Only 30% of the municipal students who provided the PSU State were selected


Only 30% number of students municipal schools that at the end of 2018 the PSU gave a choice of university degrees to which they were subject. The numbers are different with 79% of students who left private institutions who were admitted.

It is revealed by data published by La Tercer, which describes in detail applications for universities by the Uniform Admission System (SUA) and the University of Chile's Demre informed students of the results of their applications at 41 universities. available.

In detail, there were over 290,000 people who provided PSUs, and 124,451 were accepted, showing a 3% increase over the previous version.

Of all those who did so, some 108,000 were from local authorities or public authorities. Of these, only 30% (just over 32,000) were selected.

In contrast, out of 107,688 subsidized persons, 66,182 were accepted, ie 43.5% of registered persons. In the case of the private sector, this share increases to 79%, with 24,557 enrolled students.

On a general level, students enrolled this year accounted for 27% of municipal secondary schools, 53% of subsidized persons and 20% of private individuals. Figures it to keep the trend observed last year , where they gained 26%, 55% and 19% respectively.

According to the media, another aspect of this distinction is the amount of school education covered by the public and private sectors, given that the former account for 37% of students, but only 27% of students. selected. Meanwhile, 20% of enrolled students came out of the second year, only 9% of the school system.

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