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La Calera is historic: it qualifies for the South American Cup, linked to the Spanish language of the Union

He had the makeup of happiness La Calera Union after the end of the match against Spanish union, Santa Laura Stadium. Tie to one of the cemented front of Hispanics, He gave them a historical and unprecedented classification in the international competition. This is about Copa Sudamericana 2019where people in the Valparaisk region are waiting for many and legitimate illusions.

Francisco Meneghini cast a very long line of equality. Both fight staged a rigorous game, very fatter, and with a number of chances to win the goal that the goalkeeper and defenders lack skills and skills, he no longer has goals.

At first, La Calera was most prominent before the typical Nano Díaz cast nationalism pragmatism. The former driver's hand, now becoming a technical director, was noted because Hispanics did not have sparkles in football. And that was so, Mariano Barbieri got the first on cementers, 23rd, after Álvaro Césped's move.

Union, La Calera Both players played with everything, playing well / Photosport

The defense of the Independence team suffered a lot from the attacks of this lawn and dangerous José Pablo Monreal, who was the red defender's constant headache, Luis Pavez.

Second infarction time

In the second half, the Union changed the appearance of the game and began to attack La Calera, which defended itself as a vertebrate, an outstanding advantage given by the classification to them. And before the Spaniards, Rancagua's account was opened. O'Higgins won, but the red ones were destroyed, so it was important to reach the results later. And that's precisely what happened: Ramiro Gonzalez, with the flawless title, gained equality, which was ultimately ultimate.

The rest of the game was exciting, since both teams had several arrivals, but in the end the result was not moving. In short, La Calera could qualify for Copa Sudamericana in the first season after returning from First B. And the Spanish Union has to wait for Huachipato not to win in Palestine this week, so you can force your pass to the continental competition.

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