Sunday , April 11 2021

Just Cause 4 returns to a more dangerous chaos

Just Cause, a popular saga about action and adventure in the third person who has just started his new title, has become one of the most prominent games in recent years.

Classical writer Rico Rodriguez, who is once again repeating the menu and who will be the main character, is faced with the "Black Hand" – an international criminal army led by a woman Gabriel.

Just Cause 4, in addition, is in a completely open world, this time in Solia, a fictitious country in South America, where there will be a very exotic scenario and extraordinary climate that will become hostile in some respects.

For the first time, the saga will have climatic effects, which will be another enemy, as there will be hurricanes that hide airplanes and bridges, and lightning that destroys even helicopters.

Explosions and shooting is what Just Cause describes, while in the fourth version we will see a lot more of the same, as well as secondary missions and places to explore, because it will be a much larger world that can be discovered.

Rico will have more vehicles than ever before, from excavators and vans to crash-lifting cars that run through cars, motorcycles and their unobtrusive airbags.

Only Cause 4 is already available for PS4, Xbox One and PC consoles.

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