Friday , October 22 2021

Julian Elfelbein will rise and face a new CHV program


It has undoubtedly been a success that Julian Elfelbein has achieved after successfully managing the Chilevisión program "Pasapalabra", but today it opens up new doors and channel channel managers are the face of the new program.

According to El Infiltrador, Elfelbein would be responsible for a program that will replace "Primer Plano" with the Argentina version of "Podemos Hablar" in Chile.

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What can you talk about?

Unlike Pasapalabel, this program is not a competition, so there are no millionaire awards.

However, it will have playful moments, as it will have six personalities from different fields (politics, shows, sports, etc.) with the idea of ​​creating a dialogue between them, but playfully.

Guests must make a "Check-in" to navigate the section and move forward with the "Meeting Place" theme, where the animator has to give an idea of ​​a particular topic, and the identified guests will move forward.

The original program is part of the same production company that cooperated with CHV in projects such as The Wall and Divina Comida.

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