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Jorge Valdivia and Daniela Aránguiz They made an unclear incident in a hotel bar located in Las Condes.

According to the newspaper Fourth, everything started as a quiet friend meeting, but it did not end well. And this is the fact that the Eastern Prosecutor's Office investigates the complaint C. G. R. Las Condes to the officials of the Seventh Commissariat.

The aforementioned media indicate that the couple drank some drinks instead, but the conversation began to grow tone.

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"It was precisely when, according to the rules of the district, they were told that they could request a closing stage to close their accounts." Daniela tried to do something immediately, but that was not possible, because men decided to take another dose, "he wrote from morning paper

Who lost patience with the whole thing – as well as a salary from his husband and a friend to a third woman – it was Daniel Aránguis, who, according to the same newspaper, "climbed to the roommate and asked if she would want to make her husband an outrageous sexual maneuver, as it is written in the text in the above-mentioned police station."

The information added that "after exchanging phrases and with anyone standing, the dancer also tries to attack the waiter, and the albo idol is interrupted here. The part sent to the judiciary talks about the elbow of the "Watchman" to the horizon and then to that. "

According to a police report stating that this means, the victim said this "Then he tries to take me by the hand, he squeezes out my hand and starts to cry and take me with insults from there."

After the incident, a couple left the site, but the room officer prepared a corresponding report.

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