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It was a terrible attack on BancoEstado and nobody warned them: workers complain about abduction | Country

Two employees from a branch BancoEstado Linares, they arrived at the Third City Warranty Court to file a complaint – against those responsible – about abductions, threats and injuries.

It was part of November 29th kidnapping they held the place where they worked, and nobody told them about the situation.

The simulation was attended by fire brigade special police operations (Gope), Carabineros and Linares. Precise policemen would have been responsible for assassinating themselves as an attacker wearing a Salvador Dali white dress and mascaras in the style of La Casa de Papel.

Gentleness radio Ambrosio
Gentleness radio Ambrosio

In addition, according to the complainants, there is always they thought it was a real situation, so for a moment when they failed to return to work due to a psychological trauma that caused them a situation.

The uncertainties were widespread, the day after the simulation, the newspaper "Centre" looked at it as cataloging as a "shocking" situation.

"I think it's something real. It drew my attention to seeing so much carbine and so much tension," said Talquino's neighbor at the time, the newspaper branch of the bank.

Witness testimony

Claudia Sepulveda, one of the most influential officials, detailed the situation in the local environment of Maule Al Día.

"They hand over me, they told us all, we thought that the worst, no one informed us about this workout. I can not over nerves and I'm deeply depressed, I still use medical permission," said a prisoner, adding that one the false attackers reached her head, threatened her with death, and told her that everything was serious

Meanwhile, Lorena Teijo, the second affected, told the same media how she experienced the situation on November 29th.

"They offend us without remuneration, they behaved badly to us as people, they bowed their heads, I was locked in the bathroom, opened the doorI heard screams, asking keys to the vaults, kayaks, that we are going to shoot … all are bad and injuries. Nobody told us about this workout, "said Teijo, adding that none of the companies has given any explanation at this time.

Maule attorney and former planner Hugo Veloso, representing court staff, in detail on the same portal that "they can not do anything for one and a half hours at the bank", adding that according to their experience, false attackers who came to the bank were an official police officer

Carabiner version

After the result, it was Carabineros de Linares, Colonel Roberto Machuca, a prefect who explained to the media what really happened.

Unified provided it efficiently It was decided from the simulation from the central level of the institution, which started aligning with BancoEstado.

"The previous meetings were with the bank's representatives, and in this particular case, the operation chief's commitment was to contact all bank employees in advance, something that was not done in this case," explained the colonel. Machu Picchu

On this line, the united person pointed at least an unusual situation: from the bank they suggested that they perform simulations during working hours, which was rejected directly.

"We said that it was not suitable and that it was best done outside the working time schedule, just as it was implemented," said a police officer.

It is expected that in the coming hours the bank will refer to the unusual situation in the Maule region.

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