Friday , January 28 2022

It is an image that reveals Daniel Castillo and her husband's possible reconciliation with the Society


One of the most commented 2018. t Daniela Castillo and Toarii Valantin– The relationship that occurred a few months after the singer was separated Luca Monacci.

So far it is known that the former Red she is one, according to what she said in the program Divine Nightwhere she pointed out that "today I am alone, but I'm good, I'm not sad, I'm calm, I have to go through the self-evaluation process, I've always spent with my partner, I have to spend only moments. I would like to be alone than badly spent"

However, the artist could give a new chance to their marriagebecause, as shown in the picture published in Instagram, Castillo and Monacci appear at Mark González, Maura Rivera and María Isabel Sobarzo.

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