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Isaac Diaz and his lack of purpose U: "If I do not think they are negative strokes that are ahead"

Future Chilean University Isaac Díaz, admitted that he would close the blue in 2018, mainly because he had no purpose. For the same reason, he warned that he would take revenge the following season since he has another contract for the U player.

"The attacker was asking for the goals and I did not do them, apparently I continued to work, and I worked to prevent this from happening. If I do not give it, they have negative strokes that are ahead, just like in other cases, I had good streaks and gates made in any way. These are the moments when one goes, all the players go through, especially the strikes, "confirmed Torito de Fresia.

Speaking about his future, the 28-year-old attacker said that "when I'm going to fight, I have one year left in the contract at a Chilean university and I'm there. Although I did not do it very well because of a bad behavior problem, maybe people do not realize it, but there is a quiet job. and not just me, from all the players who are often not good, and we have to analyze how we are and we must continue the fight. "

"One semester is wrong, and the other one – you stop it, you can be up, how you can be down. You have to sit and analyze what is coming next year, "said the former Paraguayan American Sun.

Regarding the moment at the University of Chile, who arrives on the last day of the 2018 national championship without the opportunity to fight for the crown, Dias said that "We suffered a lot from the pain, it was quite felt in the dressing room, it's hard not to fight with the title in a club such as the Universidad de Chile. Now we have this game against Curicó, where we have the opportunity to go straight to the group of Libertadores, and we have to fight it. "

About U Technical Director Frank Kudelka, the striker who scored a two-point goal in 20 games at the 2018 season of Chilean football in the First Division, commented that "I see it well, I struggled with the weapons that were for me, we were there, and it came to us with a game against Iquique. We might have gone a lot further, but we were not given that. "

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