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Instagram: Justin Bieber wrongly shows that he is "Selga Gómez" VIDEO | Hailey Bieber | Hailey Baldwin | TV | Famous

Despite various attempts, Justin Bieber you can't unlink your name from Selena Gomez. The Love Story, which ended more than two years ago, continues to persecute both artists and recently published "stories" Instagram The Canadian people have created new headlines in international tabloids, which once again link them.

With the intention of making an irony with his current wife, Hailey Bieber (formerly Hailey Baldwin) pregnant rumors, Justin recorded his computer screen. But he did not realize that, in addition to the wrong news about pregnancy, he showed the previous pages he visited, one of which was related to the famous ex-girlfriend.

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The short report summarizes Selena Gómez's presentation with Ozuna, Cardi B and DJ Snake at the Coachella Festival in 2019, where Justin Bieber participated with Hailey Baldwin.

Justin Bieber was unaware that the news appeared in his quest and, as seen in this record, Instagram stories block a report that makes The Daily Telegraph his possible fatherhood, where his name is wrong: "Beiber" instead of "Bieber".

As expected Instagram They repeated the news related to Selen Gomez on Justin Bieber's computer, so the singer explained in a number of comments what happened.

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"(News) jumped out of my wife and I saw my performance at Coach. He was after me because it is related. I'm glad she was also at the festival. I have nothing to hide"Bieber wrote.

In the next report, Justin is also angry about the comments he made about his typing mistakes, not the nature of his words. "What I think is that the video of the Selen song “Taki Taki” was played only after my wife and I saw her show at Coach. Obviously she is one of the related issues. There was literally the next video. Fans and people who think about trying to get us …", the artist continued.

"Please stop interpreting things and invent nothing." My video was meant to be ridiculous (…) The idea that I organized everything to make his name appear crazy. , guys, real emotions, stop acting like they know everything, go to school, read their books and focus on their lives, ”the singer said.

"People have their own fantasies about how my life should be, and they create these theories, they use their imagination too much … It ends here, I won't repeat this topic, but I had to clarify.

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