Saturday , April 17 2021

In China and the US, the most important data increases the dollar by more than $ 3

The dollar is rising all over the world, as well as Chile on a day characterized by signs of a slowdown in China's economy (which is extremely important for our country), positive data in the US and positive data on the approach between Beijing and the Washington Trade War.

At the end of operations on the local interbank market, the US dollar was USD 685.30, which means it is 3.3 LVL compared to the end of the day. With this result, the dollar has risen by 10.3% by 2018 compared to Chilean pesos.

In the month after two consecutive increases, the dollar was at the highest level against the Chilean peso.

The increase was due to weak industrial data and retail sales in China, which was aggravated by the nervousness of the global economic downturn. Chinese data had a particular impact on the price of copper, which is Chile's main export product.

All this should pay attention to the investors' attention to the difficult situation in the neighborhood of Brexit, as well as to the actions of the European Central Bank (ECB), after four years suspending the purchase of bonds in the region.

"The exchange rate today was an important step forward in strengthening the global dollar and more nervousness that is still occurring in global stock markets, in particular, the poor performance indicators in China have led to this increasing impact on the exchange rate," said Sergio Tricio, CEO of Ruvix.

"The European Central Bank, which was less optimistic about the region's economic scenario, was the political noise of the UK's departure from the European Union along with the expected Chinese data, influenced by the dollar's upsurge in the last two sessions," said Major General Itaú Miguel Ricourte.

The United States appeared to have good economic health features with two positive data, one week from the Federal Reserve Market Market Committee.

"The data on industrial production in the USA and the increase in retail sales, which exceeds the expectations, has given the international dollar against other currencies by pulling commodities such as gold, copper and oil, which explains the rise in today's dollar weight," said market analyst Natalia Vengaz of XTB Lat.

The Dollar Index (which measures the dollar against the six major basket of currencies) is operating at an increase of 0.46% and reaches its second highest annual level.

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