Thursday , March 30 2023

"I'll continue to fly until I reach the miracle": Reflection by Javier Sueza on Exam Results Social Networks


Journalist Javier Suárez does not reduce her arms in the fight against cancer, which she has shared with her followers through social networks.

In this scenario, she shared this weekend with an Instagram letter asking her to ask for her in front of the new exam this Monday, as well as grilled postcards with friends, including María Luisa Godoy and José Miguel Viñuela.

"Today is celebrating friends, love and grill. Tomorrow is PET day, an exam that tells me how cancer continues. Pray a lot. Nervi eats his head," he wrote.

However, despite the faith he had done, things didn't turn out as expected, he said on the same platform that revealed that his body still had an active center of melanoma.

"Every time I see a butterfly, I think it is a way for God to tell me to have faith that everything is time, even miracles. Yesterday I saw one fly in my garden, and although today's miracle was not obviously, I will not stop moving my wings until I reach it., he started to turn.

Then he added: "Today the result of PET has shown that there are still melanoma active concentrations. This means that we will have to continue flying until we reach the miracle of healing. However, I can't forget that all my life days, even without cancer, are a miracle. who flew in front of me, even those who die a day, they smile at me..

The journalist added his message with a beautiful butterfly postcard, a record that reached over 22,000 "likes" and in which his followers sent hundreds of hope messages.

"Strength and struggle with all the faith that you have"; "Linda! You are great." Forces Javiera, continue to fight for the healing of miracles … blessings, love ";" You are a warrior, you will win him ", was part of the words devoted to his fans.

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