Sunday , February 28 2021

Hugo Valencia has destroyed Andres Kanuleff in Divine food, tell me more

Hugo Valencia is one of the most important faces "Very good morning", so he was one of the main actors of the Divine Food.

The one who spoke was his start "Welcome". There he worked behind the camera when Andrés Caniulef was one morning faced.

Valencia took time to destroy Canyleff.

And he remembered that the program had to cover Mauricio Pinilla's marriage.

The reporter said production would start sending Andres, but Hugo said he said the product.

"What do you send to Caniulef!. He walked around, worried that his shoes would not leave him. He is about to swim, worried about his jacket. "

After his comments, he was offered to make a prompt marriage note. "From there, I gradually changed, until they confirmed me as an educator".

It should be remembered that Andrés Caniulef is currently away from television due to severe depression.

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