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How to play Red Dead Redemption 2 version for kids to watch


Red Dead Redemption 2.
Picture: Rockstar Games

Red Dead Redemption 2 This is not for children. The game, developed by Rockstar Games, is a Western adventure of violence, torture, cowboys dirty and many other tips for adult audiences. Fortunately, also parents players They can breathe easily, because the most disturbing, anti-social and violent content is found in missions and certain writings.

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Therefore, if you make the right decisions, play Red Dead 2 it can be just as straight as the story of the West with Roy Rogers. You can keep shooting and robbery on the train after the little ones are sleeping.

Here are some things you can do in the game to make it both child-friendly and fun at the same time.

Avoid Missions

Picture: Rockstar Games

It's tempting to go to the camp to see what the Dutch and the group are doing, but if you want to avoid disturbing content, do not do it. The Dutch and his bears will almost always need your help with theft that "you can not go wrong." On the contrary, it will be very wrong, and you will have to use the weapons to get out of the situation. At least, you want your son to ask you, "Daddy, why did you hit this riot chief?" Better escape missions.

In this sense, do not stop talking to strangers on the road. These missions may seem like an opportunity to teach your child how important it is to help others, but sometimes strangers who need help are criminals who want to steal and / or kill you. It is therefore better to continue traveling.

Play many mini games

Picture: Stephen Johnson

Mini games Red Dead Redemption 2 They can provide hours of entertainment for the whole family, unless you have a problem with low rates. Throughout the map there are several options for playing cards or dominoes, so you and your child can interact with the people and earn some extra money while they do it.

Texas Hold 'em is classic. By playing this game, we can teach kids the basics of poker. However, city and city people sometimes express fierce stories that are not suitable for children. So make sure that the volume is low during playback.

Blackjack is also fun and will teach your child to add numbers to get 21. You could even use it to teach your child how to count cards to have career opportunities throughout his life.

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Red Dead 2 It has three different domino versions. They are very easy to understand and play. Therefore, even the smallest child can be fun. Although the odds are low, all the money you earn in the game will help you after your son goes to sleep and you are going to visit the arms store.

Avoid mini-games called Five finger fillets. You do not want to encourage your children to put their hands on the table, pick up a knife and see how fast they are able to break the space between their fingers. By doing this in real life, in the best of cases, a good table is destroyed and a trip to the emergency number in the worst case will end.

Go hunting

Picture: Stephen Johnson

If you do not want your child to witness the violence associated with hunting and slaughtering animals, they can spend hours searching and meditating all types of animals, from crabs and rabbits to legendary beasts, which will give you unique articles in the game (hope they you will not go away first).

Hunting inside Red Dead 2 it's more than "finding animals by targeting your weapon and pressing the trigger". You must find your cold, use the right weapons to kill them without sacrificing their valuable skins, and use scented baits and caution to impress them. If you do not want to sculpt animals in real life, you and your child can spend hours enjoying false nature by searching for and killing the great creatures of God.

On the other hand, if you care about animal rights, you can simply learn and take photos of wildlife Red Dead 2 without losing them, adding their information and description to the anthology of the game. But be careful: the animals will attack you, so you may have to take a bear or two to save you.

Go fishing

Picture: Stephen Johnson

Like almost everything in the world open Red Dead 2, the fishing system is complicated and enriching, but you can ignore it if you want. Do not do it It is very fun and relaxing trying to fish for many different types of fish swimming in rivers, lakes, streams and oceans.

This includes most of the "fishing rules" for real fishing, so you will need a special bait to get specific fish. During the sunset you will have better luck than noon.

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Once you have mastered the basic rules of fishing, you can try to get the fish of the legendary game, and then you have a great story that you can share in a local store. You even have the option of returning fish in the water if you want.

Pull the daisies into the meadow

Picture: Stephen Johnson

There are several types of useful plants in the old west. If your child likes flowers, you can choose flowers all day long. Then you can sit in the fire and make the honey and ointments sold, used or given to your horse. At the same time, you can become a cowboy and chef, as well as improve the meat and fish that you have acquired with the caught species.

Finding different plants can be useful for hours. You will have to explore small game environments and travel (or climbing) in remote areas to get exotic plants and species.

Horses, horses, horses

Picture: Stephen Johnson

The only people who love horses more than a cowboy are small girls. If you have a girl hanging with horses Red Dead 2 This will allow you to get in touch with your little ones for hours.

You can train, steal or buy many horse breeds, from past Tennessee Paso horses to majestic Arab horses. Once you've connected to your horse, you can name them (like "Ranunculus" or "Killing Machine"), feed them, take care of them, and even buy elegant frames and accessories so they always look as good as possible.

Of course, the horse's delight is their riding. The game challenge system provides a lot of tasks for horses. However, be careful. Some of these tasks ask you to drag people with your horse or pick up small animals.

Be fashionable in the old west

Picture: Stephen Johnson

The best look is not just for horses. If you and your kids want to play costumes, that is Red Dead 2 This may be a fashion icon. You can place Arthur of your choice, from bad farmer clothes to a fashionista with cashmere waistcoat and hat.

You can rent your clothes every morning in your camp or hotel room. Sets and accessories can be purchased at any general store. If you want to enjoy the look of the city, you can visit the city's synthesis and hairdressing salon.

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Throughout the game, the main hero's hair and beard are playing, so you can leave the mustache, shave every day or elegantly arrange your hair with a long beard, such as a hipster. You can buy a hair toner in a general store to keep your hair growing faster.

Enjoy the old western theater

Picture: Stephen Johnson

There are several "magic lanterns" that show you can enjoy small towns Red Dead 2 at a low price. When you arrive in the great city of Saint Denis, you can see your burlesque show. Do not worry, the only thing you will see is Cancan de París dancers.

I would not have seen these shows if I play only, but I saw them with my son and I'm glad I did it. These are very funny details that make the world in the world Red Dead 2 It feels like reality.

Become a more friendly criminal in the old west

Picture: Stephen Johnson

I realized how fun it is that just say "hello!" So that everyone inside Red Dead 2 playing with my five-year-old niece. Since she is very outgoing, we went to the big city and pressed the button to "greet" all that we saw.

The game does not pay attention to friendship, but it is very funny to see how beautiful fighters cross the streets, just like children who have had too much coffee, shout "hello lady" and "good morning!" For all . We do not meet any cruel man. I was dressed in my most elegant outfit and had paid all my rewards. You will see how much time you do it.

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However, you can consider it as an opportunity to find out where you are going to steal after your child's sleeping.

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