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How did the hidden truth "Tomás" become the most hated character in the soap opera? | TV and show


One of the teleseries that has become a phenomenon is undoubtedly Hidden truths, a successful Mega day product that has as many characters as new deformations and everyday revelations.

Broadcast more than a year ago, drama from the sisters Rasa (Camila Hirane) and Amelia-Agustina (Javiera Díaz de Valdés) are fascinated by the company from Monday to Friday, striking them with shocking tragedies.

And one of the characters that has managed to "survive" before so many death teleseries is Tomásinterpreted by Matías Oviedo. However, paper has changed considerably.

The foregoing, because he went from one of the most beloved ones Hidden truthsmost hated by viewers. But, At what time did it happen

Macho's attitudes and celopaths have led to this transition to Tomás's role, a fact that began evidently since Agustina (Carmen Zabala) revealed that she was in the position of Tomasito.

Mega | Edited by P7

Mega | Edited by P7

From there, they began their excessive and rather violent attitude, which grew after the apparent Agustin accident and her marriage to Rocío.

The previous thing, because Tom did not like that, his wife studied and spent so much time out of the house because he wanted her to continue to take care of her son.

Additionally, his disbelief with Amelia was a straw that turned a glass, because when Rocio encountered him, he He did not understand and even blamed him for his mistake, which is cataloged in social networks as cynical and furious.

Finally, another detail that also shook the followers of the soap opera was (and is) their over-protected attitudes and exaggerated reactions to a minimal situation with regard to his son, even while he was violent to draw his attention to the members of his conversation.

What do you think of Tom's evolution?

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