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Horoscope this Tuesday, November 6, 2018



Uranus returns to Aries, where it will stay until March, enjoy situations that mean great personal change. Moments to share a couple of projects.


This could revive the problem that seemed to be overcome. However, your job is supported by a professional initiative. Use it to express your creativity.


Again, a very interesting project can be restored to your efforts. A good day for you to set or love an initiative.


Your professional projection can update a very important opportunity. On the other hand, it will have economic resources for the benefit of family or household.


This again gives the opportunity to make avant-garde proposals that open up the view. Supporting a couple or collaboration in a very creative activity.


It is important for you to avoid risk situations, both for personal and financial investment. But the economic workforce is gaining momentum.


Venus Svaros, favored by Mars, prompts decisions and sentimental initiatives. In addition, you can restore a very important relationship in your life.


It can be accused of certain work instability. Now, in case of health disorders, resources to overcome them and support families.


Maybe I will return now to love, which seemed to have already been lost. On the other hand, it is convenient to focus on the initiative or decisions on the desired problem.


The need to change a home or place of residence or possibly a family problem could be restored. Good day for professional issues.


Mars in Aquarius, favoring Venus, encourages decisions in favor of relatives or even sentimental initiatives.


Be careful with the money until the month of March, because both can be a leap in cash as a sudden loss. Economic activity now gets momentum.

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