Thursday , March 30 2023

Homer Simpson uses his bush meadow and virus


Dumb silent.

The Simpsons It is a cartoon that refuses to refuse to be valid. And we have to admit that although they have already passed their days of glory, they are still an inexhaustible source of absurdity and dumb.

However, this phenomenon becomes even more impressive when Homer uses the virus.

It was weird. But basically, Homer used his meme out of the bushes to break the internet. Everything happened official account The Simpsons on Twitter.

There we see an animation where Homer asks Lisa where she left her smartphone. She answers that she writes from her; and his father reacts with his famous gif of gifs hiding in the bushes:

This publication is nothing more than a fragment of the 30th season episode Girl on the bus. It was the premiere of FOX on January 13, 2019.

Undoubtedly, this is an absurd, direct and strange joke. But it has been more than enough to trigger thousands of reactions. When you post this Twitter, Twitter happens almost 58 thousand hearts, 562 responses and almost 19 thousand RT.

Meme homero simpson bush

The original name of this theme is Homer supports things. It is an animation stolen from Homer Loves Flanders episodes, originally broadcast in 1994.

It is funny that the dumb virus only started in 2010. So it remains a testimony to the smooth roads of the network.

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