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Higgins yelled at Calandria, but he had not reached him

Celesti beat Audax Italiano 4-0 with goal from striker. Despite the victory, rancagyinos were out of South America with a goal difference.

There was an emotional day in Rancagua this Thursday. Higgins had to win and wait for what happened to Santa Laura between Unión Española and La Calera to see if he qualified for Copa Sudamericana.

The connection between Hispanics and cementers has led to the fact that the sky does not allow him to enter the international tournament. While winning was important to fight to the end, all eyes were Pablo Calandria, who played his last official game, O & H; Higgins.

Mazzola (63 & # 39;), Vera (69 & # 39;) and Salas (80 & # 39;) scored a 3-0 lead. At the emotional night, the goal of Calandria was lacking. An experienced assailant had to play on a 20 scorecard. In a 90-minute penalty kick, the ball hit the charity for a 4-0 score.

The calendaring farewell was a solid triumph, but it was a bitter taste that could not reach the South American rankings.

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