Tuesday , March 2 2021

Héctor Noguera on Paty Maldonado Pinochetists: The channel's responsibility is | Society

Patricia Maldonado has been different in the debate and fun for the past few weeks, mostly in a frank declaration pinochetista and indications of various tv-free television figures.

Several of them have mentioned the situation, and the last one to join was an actor Héctor Noguerawho is in talks with National Chain from Via X, blamed Mega for the fact that the Maldonado Channel after his statements to support the deputy, Ignacio Urrutia, who called the dictatorship victims "terrorists".

At that time, the singer, with social networks, congratulated the MP where she wrote it "Courageously dying on their feet and creeping man dying on their knees and crying".

The writer referred to the situation that had been experienced Lots of taste a few months ago, when a group of translators from the dramatic areas of the channel did not want to attend the television series that should be done in the morning if Maldonado were in the studio, stating that "we also we wanted to show solidarity with Alejandro, which was a reaction – a spontaneous reaction "in connection with the departure of Goika from the cluster.

"This reaction is due to the fact that he was tortured and they have friends and loved ones, as well as me and many people who have suffered from disappearances, torture and unjust imprisonment. Then, of course, the person who declares that he openly agrees to it, causes a reaction, such as Alejandro"he added.

On this line, Noguera said: "I do not like being denied a job, but I think the channel is responsibletell people without censuring it, but there are issues that go beyond political stances and opinions, such as human rights, and says, "It looks like you can not defend something that caused so much pain." So I think that it is the responsibility of the channel. "

Remember that recently Maldonado criticized the position of actors and artists what is against him, compared to what Noguera said, "Patricia Maldonado is one thing that I would like to clarify. I have no trouble talking to the right people. I know many good people, and they are my friends and my friends, and I know their thinking and a very good way. But none of them defends dictatorship or defends human rights violations. "

"What I differ from her is not because she is on the right side, so I have no problem." The problem is that she has turned out to be dictatorship and human rights a shade that does not sound right for me"he explained.

Faced with the melody that took Maldonado to speak, the actor said: "I think it's a burlesque beginning, which in my opinion is very bad." Humor is always welcome but it also has its own limit, and this is a time when the mood does not match, because it is a tragedy, and you can not confuse the humor with the tragedy. "

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