Thursday , January 27 2022

He went to the doctor for pain; I couldn't believe the result


England.- Stomach pain in 4-year-old girls turned out to be cancer At stage 4, the discovery was made after the mother took the child to the doctor, but the pain did not stop, so they performed tests to find that they had a neuroblastoma.

The mother received the girl because of the pain in her stomach, therefore, the doctor prescribed only antibiotics. The first doctor thought it was just an infection in the urine, but when he saw that the pain did not stop, he was looking for a second chance that found the girl had cancer.

Blood and urine tests were performed in the hospital as well as ultrasound. After a few days, the family was transferred to the Bristol Children's Hospital for additional scanning and tumor biopsy. According to the Sun.

The four-year-old girl started chemotherapy on July 19 and had eight rounds of 70 days. In the fourth round, his cervical tumors had completely disappeared and the main tumor in his stomach had shrunk.

The girl has overcome the fight against cancer, but she needs vaccines Photo: Pixabay

The girl has overcome the struggle against cancer, but she needs vaccines to prevent the family from relapsing, so the family has now desperately attracted funds to treat the vaccine in the United States.

It is worth mentioning that neuroblastoma is a type of cancer that is usually found in the small glands on the kidneys (adrenal glands). It can develop in the stomach, chest, neck, pelvis and bones. It usually affects children up to five years old.

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