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He forgot his cell phone in his girlfriend's house, and she discovered disbelief: he founded it on the net. | Society

We have all gone through inescapable arguments with a couple, and jealousy has been a part of a romantic relationship practically since the beginning of time.

Is it, of course, that indiscretion is one of the worst betrayals in any field, and if accompanied by frustration, the sum can only create the perfect connection between anger and sadness.

In Argentina, such a case became a popular topic on Twitter. This is about the #PobreMarcelo Hashtag, where people entertain a woman who has released her boyfriend after he or she has discovered thoughtful messages on her cell phone.

Strike hero Gabriela revealed to Instagram that her polo, Marcelo Ceballoss, went home from work in the morning and forgot to take the mobile device. It's all right there at the top.

The problem is that she reviewed the content of her "love" phone and discovered that with the help of WhatsApp, Marcelo "made love" to the various women she sent to his penis photos and videos, and contrary they sent the pictures where they appeared completely naked .

Gabriela could not feel angry and published a video game from her friend Instagram to do this and use it as a tip – to dedicate Patti Cofre to "15 confidence seconds".

Everything started with the following sentence: "I wanted to tell all Instagram girls that Marcelito has forgotten my cell phone at home, bad things. Poor Marcelo!".

What do others say?

The answer was immediate, the above said a statement about his Instagram denying everything: "In principle, I want to deny that I'm dating him two months ago, I split up, on the other hand, I feel like seeing this community where they listen to just the version of the event and participate, it seems unfair, they violated my privacy and everyone who speaks with me. "

See this post in Instagram

to see the urge at first I would like to deny that I was with my boyfriend, two years ago I separated, on the other hand, it forces me to see this company, where they listen only to the event version and participate, it seems unfair, besides, I have violated my privacy and everyone who talked to me called me fortunately, I have the support of my family and friends who know what I am and I am now in favor. I regret the huge number of people who offended me with private messages, etc., Fortunately, I have a more busy life than him. Greetings

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